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Dynamic Dental Products is known around the world for quality and affordability. Our mission is to bring you the most effective dental care products that you can use in your home to achieve and maintain overall oral health. We have everything you need to achieve that perfect smile, from bleach kits and pens to electric toothbrushes and UV sanitizers. Here at Dynamic Dental Products, we make your smile our business.

Check out our DynaSonic line of high-speed toothbrushes with built in UV sanitizers and timers. These toothbrushes are quite literally the fastest in the world, ensuring maximum effectiveness and efficiency in removing plaque and germs. And then there’s our DynaLite line of UV toothbrush sanitizers that are proven to kill 99.9% of germs lingering on toothbrushes. Using germicidal ‘UV-C’ light bulbs DynaLite products leave your brush clean and fresh. We even have travel-size versions for people who are constantly on the go. If it’s teeth whitening assistance you need, you will appreciate our DynaWhite line of whitening gels, bleach kits, and bleach pens. Our revolutionary technology can give you that radiant smile you desire without the large price tag. Together, DynaSonic, DynaLite, DynaWhite can help you achieve professional-quality teeth cleaning, whitening, and maintenance right in your own home.

It’s hard to beat our low prices on rechargeable toothbrushes with UV sanitizers and whitening kits. Because we sell online, our overhead is lower and we can pass on the savings to you, our dear customer. To save even more money, order our DynaPackages, which come with all the dental supplies you need—from our electric toothbrushes to our sanitizers to our teeth whiteners. Do you need accessories (like new brush heads) regularly? Then sign up for our auto-ship program and get your toothbrush accessories for 30% less.

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